Himalayan Pink Rock Salt - Chunks (2-5 cm)

  • $39.95

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt | Chunks 2-5 Cm| Food Grade 


Himalayan rock salt considered to be the purest salt available on earth which naturally contains 84 different types of minerals in it.


100% Himalayan rock salt chunks 2-5 cm.


  • Premium quality Himalayan salt chunks.
  • 100% Food grade salt.
  • 100% natural no additives
  • salt stones are mineral rich and naturally colorful, ranging from white to dark pink, indicating the presence of beneficial trace minerals.
  • Himalayan Salt Crystals are perfect for grating over dishes.
  • As it is food grade it can be used as bath salt or cleaning agent etc.
  • Suitable to use as Bath soaks.
  • Packed in Australia in a resealable bag.
  • Note: Actual product may vary in shape and color as they are 100% all natural Himalayan Salt.

 Country of Origin: Pakistan

Best Before: 15/08/2023


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